Our Story

Advanced Taxation Consultants was founded by Ken Tatam in 1980 after spending 10 years at the Australian Tax Office, but don’t hold that against him. Ken quickly built up a loyal client base who trusted his advice and appreciated a personal touch.

Advanced Taxation Consultants became a family business when Ken’s youngest son, Travis joined the practice in 2002 after graduating from university and three years later his eldest son Troy, disillusioned by the IT industry also joined the practice.

Since joining the practice Troy and Travis have helped grow the practice and add expertise in different fields to help their clients. Troy and Travis have continued to future proof the business by investing in the latest technologies and processes to allow the firm to provide valuable advice and specialised services to their clients.

The practice which is now 13 team members strong continues to pride itself on always being available for their clients to help navigate any personal or business challenges they are experiencing and to identify opportunities to grow and succeed.

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